What People Say About Us

Nancy Gironda

 Crestwood, IL

I had a wonderful in-home interview with the sweetest, nicest staff person from PLOWS Council on Aging. She was very helpful to me and answered all my questions. And, she even made a special return trip to drop off more information for me. She was so good to me and she's welcome in my home anytime.

Joseph Matula & Jan Hill  

Home-Delivered Meals Volunteers / Palos Park, IL 

It is an honor to work with a caring and efficient program like PLOWS Council on Aging Home-Delivered Meals. The hardworking staff is kind to the recipients. The staff is kind to the volunteers. The volunteers go out to deliver the meals to the recipients and find that kindness is contagious. It is wonderful to be part of the PLOWS Community."

Alicia Jackson, MLS

Adult Services Manager 

Chicago Ridge Public Library

As the Adult Services Manager of the Chicago Ridge Public Library, I frequently turn to PLOWS Council on Aging for invaluable advice and information on how to help seniors navigate housing, health care and all questions related to living life as an older adult in our area. The warm, knowledgeable and accessible staff at PLOWS have taught us so much about how to help our community of older adults age in place, receive the benefits they need and stay socially connected with joy and dignity. We love our partnership with PLOWS and look forward to building on it in the future.