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45th anniversary

To Our Community,

Whenever I think of an anniversary, my mind often gravitates to the word gratitude. After all, many of our life’s accomplishments are never achieved alone, but rather supported, guided, perhaps even influenced by another (or in some cases, many others) -- and an anniversary is no exception. By definition, an anniversary is a “notable event”, which perhaps implies that in order to be deemed as such, “notable” individuals must have been involved.


I believe this was just the case on June 25th, 1975, when a small group of notable leaders came together, concerned about the lack of local support available for those experiencing the challenges associated with the aging process. As a result, PLOWS Council on Aging was formed, providing quality, comprehensive social services specifically to older adults and their families.


I am proud and humbled to say that after 45 years, PLOWS remains robust in its mission as it was visionary in its purpose -- providing critical services to help individuals remain independent contributors within their community.


We have much gratitude to extend to the pioneers of PLOWS – putting into motion what has  become a critical community resource and a convener of collaboration, conversation and diverse commitment. We have much gratitude to extend to the partners of PLOWS – allowing us opportunities to enhance, expand and effect change. And, we have much gratitude to extend to our dedicated staff and volunteers who bring our values to life every day and inspire through their compassion, dedication, teamwork, and commitment to the highest quality service.


We look forward to acknowledging our founders, partners, staff and volunteers throughout this celebratory year and hope you will join us in these activities. And, however you decide to celebrate with us this year, please know that we are forever grateful to you, to the founders, to our partners, to our team, and to the entire community for providing us the opportunity to become leaders in service. Thank you for joining us as we recognize this milestone and ensure that the vision of notable individuals across our community are preserved -- continuing to innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.


Thank you.





Kenneth Grunke 

Executive Director

PLOWS Council on Aging

From Our Community

Thank you to local residents and villages for honoring us with these special proclamations: