Principal Staff & Board

Kenneth D. Grunke, Executive Director
Mr. Grunke alumnus of Dominican University and former recipient of the Kott Gerontology Scholars program, he brings with him both a for profit and nonprofit administrative, and clinical and strategic partnership experience.

Rebecca Lerfelt, Assistant Director
Holding a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago Social Service Administration, Ms. Lerfelt has been with the agency since 1975.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

PLOWS Council on Aging Board of Directors
Jonathan Dawson, Acting President

Vacant, Vice President

Dr. JoAnn Gruca,  Secretary

Steve Sutera, Treasurer

Bernadette Orr

Rosalie Thompson

Rev. Glenn Bergmark

Rita Daemicke

Paul J. Madigan

Dr. Rachel Guimond

Dorothy O’Neil

Maureen Rafa

Steve Pappageorge

Heather Jones

Vicky Maytas-Smith


Past Board Presidents
1975-1976  Joseph D. McGee
1976-1978  Paul Huetteman
1978-1981  Virginia Wrobel
1981-1984  Jim Sherman
1984-1987  Reverend Edward Goltz
1987-1990  Carl Swick
1990-1993  Ruth Gilke
1993-1996  Robert Reidy
1996-1999  William Scott
1999-2002  Reverend Glenn Bergmark
2002-2005  Reverend Dr. Wayne A. Basch
2005-2008  Richard O’Neill
2008-2011  Dr. Jo Ann Gruca
2011-2014  Rita Daemicke
2014-2017 Eugene Wesolowski
2017-2018 James Craig
2018-Current Jon Dawson (acting)